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Our Brand to Demand Approach:

Our trusted in-house marketers help brands power insights-fueled content programs that nurture prospects and customers from discovery through to purchase, connecting brand to demand.

  • Deep industry expertise across 21 verticals
  • First-party audience insights
  • Journalistic approach to content development
  • Unparalleled distribution capabilities
Our Brand to Demand Approach:

Our Mission

At studioID, we believe content has the power to spark innovation, fuel growth, and shape agendas. Our mission is to help brands tell the stories that matter to their audiences – and in return – build strong relationships, earn trust, and generate demand.

Our Journey

Industry Dive founders

Industry Dive was launched in 2012...

by three founders with a long history in B2B media, bootstrapped with minimal angel investment, and focused on content, email, and great design.

leader in business journalism

Becoming a leader in business journalism,

Industry Dive grew to include 75 full-time journalists, 21 industries, and 11+ million in audience reach.

brand studio

Industry Dive’s Brand Studio

became the fastest-growing segment of the business as sophisticated digital marketers saw the quality and value of our content coupled with the power of our audiences.

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Industry Dive acquired NewsCred’s content marketing studio and services,

the global leader in enterprise content marketing.

content marketing

Combining strategic content marketing expertise,

trusted client partnerships, original and licensed Marketplace content with deep niche market knowledge, proprietary audience data, and unparalleled distribution, we formed a singular content studio on a mission to help marketers drive business results.


Meet studioID

By the numbers

21 Industries
11M+ Audience reach
2,400 Marketplace publishers
7,000+ pieces of content created
10+ Years of experience
370+ Clients
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Our Content philosophy

At studioID, we know exceptional storytelling is the foundation of content marketing success.

The best stories speak to us as individuals. They make us think and feel. They make us laugh. Or sit up and take notice. They spur us to take action.

They’re the stories we remember.

We believe every brand in the world has a compelling story to tell. These stories are interesting, educational, moving, and entertaining. These stories are important—they can help us make decisions in our jobs and in our lives.

Often, these stories answer questions like “Why do we exist as a company?” and, “What value can we provide to the world?,” and not “What products do we sell?”

At studioID, we are uncompromising in our mission to empower brands to deliver the stories that matter. Doing so will enable brands to build strong relationships, earn trust, and create demand.

quote We believe every brand in the world has a compelling story to tell.

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