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Want to License Content to Industry Dive’s Marketplace Clients?

Join over 2,200 of the world’s leading publications by becoming a member of our Marketplace platform. Engage with new audiences and increase your revenue by licensing your articles to our global client base, all while maintaining your editorial standards.

Our Marketplace platform features 60M full-text articles across thousands of topics — offered in 6 languages and counting.

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Discover What's Possible With Licensed Content

Discover the Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Content Provider

UNLOCK a new revenue stream by licensing your content to top brands around the globe.

BOOST traffic to your articles and enhance your SEO. Every re-publish from Marketplace uses your canonical link.

PROTECT your editorial standards. Strict guidelines prevent clients from altering your content, and a source disclaimer is included in every re-publish.

STAY in control. Track usage via detailed monthly reports and approve or deny clients that want to use your content as you see fit.

GET all the exposure, without any lift. Once your feed is on our platform, there’s no updating needed on your part. Watch your audience grow as our dedicated Marketplace sales team gets your publication in front of new and existing clients alike.

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