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Between a looming recession, a hyper-competitive landscape, and AI-induced uncertainty, 2023 isn’t exactly feeling like a cakewalk so far.

But when chaos creeps in, the best thing we can do is to stay in the know, and refocus on the things within our control.

Make the most of this year — regardless of what it might bring — with resources designed to help you dial-in critical elements of your strategy for 2023. And be sure to check out our complete list of 2023 observances, holidays, and awareness months for marketers to never miss an occasion fit for your brand.

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Lauren Smith - editor in chief of springboard
Lauren Smith
editor-in-chief, springboard

5 Ways Marketing and Sales Teams Can Thrive in a Recession
The current state of affairs might have you inching toward the panic button, but don’t hit it just yet. Learn how you can push through by coming together.

Health Check: 6 Questions to Guide You to Successful Content Marketing in 2023
Is your content program in a position to flourish this year? Take a moment to reflect and roll through these questions to find out.

“Conscious consumers will pivot their purchasing patterns in 2023 to choices that maximize impact, utility, and convenience. In response, marketing leaders will need to adjust accordingly to meet consumers where they are.”

5 Short-Form Video Content Trends for 2023
Today’s audiences can’t get enough of quick-hit videos. Dream up share-worthy, short-form flicks your audience will love by leaning into the latest trends.

How To
2023 On-Page SEO Checklist
When done correctly, SEO is one of the most reliable and steady ROI-driving channels out there. Give your content a leg up in search this year with this complete on-page checklist.

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