Retail Dive | 2022 Audience Insights for Marketers
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Retail Dive | Audience Snapshot 2022

Insights for the Modern Content Marketer

Targeting retail leaders? Talk shop with this audience by reflecting the content preferences of over 295,000 Retail Dive subscribers in your strategy. 

Retail Dive is one of our parent company’s many industry-focused news publications, and it’s specifically designed for retail leaders overseeing the business operation of big-box brands, large retail, and consumer-oriented e-commerce. We’ve collected the latest readership data and turned it into insights to help marketers better reach this niche. 

Marketers to retail leaders can expect to refine their content strategy with: 

  • analysis of top-performing content (characteristics, formats, and approach recommendations)
  • top industry issues and prevailing themes 
  • top 10 best-performing articles
  • top 5 most popular topics
  • keywords that resonate

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