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2024 Observances, Holidays, & Awareness Months: The Great Big List for Marketers

Published on Jan 17, 2024

2024 Observances, Holidays, & Awareness Months: The Great Big List for Marketers
Jennifer Goforth Gregory
Jennifer Goforth Gregory studioID

Need some inspiration for a new campaign? Drawing a blank on how to fill the empty space on your content calendar? Looking for new topics for interesting social media posts? We’ll let you in on a marketing secret – the seemingly endless list of awareness months and holidays combined with a touch of your creativity provides just the right inspiration for your next great idea. 

Check out our definitive list of awareness months and holidays for 2024 to help you fill your calendar with ideas that work for your brand.

And remember: do your research and be sure to honor brand-appropriate holidays with tact. Not every holiday or occasion is a marketing moment. 

January 2024

Career & Technical Education Month (HR/Business/Tech)

National Eye Care Month (Healthcare)

National Mentoring Month (HR/Business)

Walk Your Pet Month (General)

Be Kind to Servers Month (Restaurant) 

Get Organized Month (Business/Retail)

National Hobby Month (Retail)

  • 1st New Year’s Day (Holiday)

  • 4th National Trivia Day (General)

  • 7th-13th Thank Your Customers Week (Business/Marketing)

  • 8th National Clean off Your Desk Day (Business)

  • 12th National Pharmacists Day (Healthcare/Biopharma)

  • 15th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday)

  • 15th Emmy Awards Night (General)

  • 20th National Use Your Gift Card Day (Retail/Restaurant) 

  • 24th National Peanut Butter Day (Food/Grocery/Restaurant) 

  • 29th National Freethinkers Day (General)

February 2024

Black History Month (General)

American Heart Month (Healthcare)

Children’s Dental Health Month (Healthcare)

Great American Pie Month (Food/Grocery/Restaurant)

  • 1st National Optimist Day (General)

  • 2nd Groundhog Day (General)

  • 4th Grammy Award Night (General)

  • 10th Lunar New Year (Holiday)

  • 11th National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (Business/Food)

  • 11th Superbowl Sunday (General)

  • 11th – 17th Cardiac Rehabilitation Week (Healthcare)

  • 12th National Clean Out Your Computer Day (General/Tech/Cybersecurity)

  • 13th Mardi Gras (General)

  • 14th Valentine’s Day (General) 

  • 17th National Random Acts of Kindness Day (General)

  • 18th-24th National Engineers Week (Tech, Construction)

  • 19th President’s Day (Holiday)

  • 20th World Day of Social Justice (General)

  • 28th National Tooth Fairy Day (Healthcare)

March 2023

American Red Cross Month (General/Healthcare)

National Women’s History Month (General)

National Ethics Awareness Month (General/Business)

National Nutrition Month (General/Healthcare)

Save Your Vision Month (Healthcare)

  • 1st Employee Appreciation Day (HR)

  • 6th National Frozen Food Day (Food/Grocery)

  • 8th International Women’s Day (General)

  • 10th Daylight Savings Time Begins (General)

  • 10th Academy Awards Night (General)

  • 10th -16th National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week (Healthcare)

  • 11th -15th Long-Term Care Administrators Week (Healthcare/HR)

  • 14th Pi Day (General)

  • 17th St. Patrick’s Day (General)

  • 19th Spring Equinox – Start of Spring – (General)

  • 19th Certified Nurses Day (Healthcare)

  • 20th International Day of Happiness (General)

  • 29th Good Friday (General)

  • 30th National Doctors’ Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 31st Easter (General)

April 2024

National Volunteer Month (General)

Keep America Beautiful Month (Waste)

Month of the Military Child (General)

National Financial Literacy Month (Finance)

National Occupational Therapy Month (Healthcare)

National Humor Month (General)

Stress Awareness Month (Business/Healthcare/HR)

World Autism Awareness Month (General/Healthcare)

  • 1st April Fool’s Day (General)

  • 2nd Autism Awareness Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 7th World Health Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 10th National Siblings Day (General)

  • 14th-20th National Volunteer Week (General)

  • 15th National Tax Day (General/Finance)

  • 15th Patriot’s Day (General)

  • 18th-24th Health Information Professionals Week (Tech/Healthcare)

  • 19th-23rd National Environmental Education Week (Waste/Utility)

  • 21st World Creativity and Innovation Day (General)

  • 22nd Earth Day (General/Waste)

  • 24th Administrative Professionals Day (HR)

  • 27th Teach Children to Save Day (Finance)

  • 25th National Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day (Business/HR)

  • 26th National Arbor Day (General)

  • 28th World Day for Safety and Health at Work (General/Business/Food/Grocery/Retail)

  • 28th-May 4th Small Business Week (Business)

May 2024

National Cancer Research Month (Healthcare)

Mental Health Awareness Month (Healthcare)

Healthy Vision Month (Healthcare)

Asthma Awareness Month (Healthcare)

National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month (Healthcare)

National High Blood Pressure Education Month (Healthcare)

National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness Month (Healthcare)

South Asian Heritage Month (General)

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (General)

Military Appreciation Month (General)

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (General/Healthcare)

  • 2nd National Life Insurance Day (Business)

  • 4th International Firefighters Day (General)

  • 4th Kentucky Derby (General)

  • 5th Cinco De Mayo (General)

  • 6th-12th Nurses Week (Healthcare)

  • 6th National Nurses Day (Healthcare)

  • 6th Met Gala

  • 7th National Teacher Day (Education K-12/Higher Education)

  • 12th-18th National Women’s Health Week (General)

  • 10th National Clean Up Your Room Day (General) 

  • 12th Mother’s Day (General)

  • 16th National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day (General)

  • 15th National Employee Health and Fitness Day (Business/Healthcare)

  • 17th National Bike to Work Day (General)

  • 25th National Wine Day (Food)

  • 27th Memorial Day (General)

  • 28th World Hunger Day (Food)

  • 29th National Senior Health and Fitness Day (Healthcare)

  • 30th World Multiple Sclerosis Day (Healthcare)

June 2024

LGBTQ Pride Month (General)

National Safety Month (HR)

National Candy Month (Food/Retail)

National Great Outdoors Month (General)

National Men’s Health Month (General/Healthcare)

  • 1st International Children’s Day (Education K-12)

  • 5th World Environment Day (General/Waste/Utilities)

  • 6th National Higher Education Day (Higher Education)

  • 8th National Best Friends Day (General)

  • 8th World Oceans Day (General)

  • 9th National Donald Duck Day (General)

  • 14th Flag Day (General)

  • 14th World Blood Donor Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 16th Father’s Day (General)

  • 16th Fresh Veggies Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 18th Autistic Pride Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 20th Summer Solstice – Start of Summer – (General)

  • 21st National Selfie Day (General)

  • 21st Take Your Dog to Work Day (General)

  • 28th Insurance Awareness Day (Finance)

  • 30th World Social Media Day (General/Marketing)

July 2024

National Grilling Month (General)

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month (Business)

National Ice Cream Month (General)

  • 1st Canada Day (General)

  • 4th Independence Day (General) 

  • 5th National Workaholics Day (Business/HR)

  • 17th National Hot Dog Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 21st National Ice Cream Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 26th-Aug 11, 2024 Summer Olympics (General)

  • 29th Parents Day (General)

August 2024

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month (Healthcare)

National Immunization Awareness Month (Healthcare)

Black Business Month (General)

  • 4th Sisters Day (General)

  • 13th International Left Handers Day (General)

  • 13th National Filet Mignon Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 19th World Humanitarian Day (General)

  • 21st Senior Citizens Day (General/Healthcare)

  • 26th Women’s Equality Day (General)

  • 28th National Tooth Fairy Day (Healthcare)

  • 31st World Distance Learning Day (General/Tech)

  • 31st National Bacon Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

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September 2024

National Hispanic Heritage Month [Sept 15 – Oct 15] (General)

National Prostate Awareness Month (Healthcare)

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (Healthcare)

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (Healthcare)

Sickle Cell Awareness Month (Healthcare)

  • 2nd Labor Day (General)

  • 4th Eat an Extra Dessert Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 5th International Day of Charity (General)

  • 6th Fight Procrastination Day (General)

  • 12th National Video Game Day (General)

  • 12th Day of the Programmer (General/Tech)

  • 13th National Blame Someone Else Day (General)

  • 15th National Online Learning Day (Higher Education/K-12 Education)

  • 22nd Autumnal Equinox Day – Start of Fall – (General)

  • 22nd American Business Women’s Day (Business)

  • 27th World Tourism Day (General)

  • 29th World Heart Day (Healthcare)

October 2024 

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (General/Healthcare)

National Cybersecurity Month (Cybersecurity)

National ADHD Awareness Month (General/Healthcare)

National Work and Family Month (General)

National Dental Hygiene Month (Healthcare)

American Pharmacists Month (Healthcare/BioPharma/Retail)

  • 1st World Vegetarian Day (General)

  • 1st International Day of Older Persons (General/Healthcare)

  • 4th National Taco Day (General)

  • 4th World Smile Day (General)

  • 5th World Teachers’ Day (General/Education)

  • 14th Columbus Day (General)

  • 14th Indigenous Peoples Day (General)

  • 16th Boss’s Day (Business/HR)

  • 23rd National Medical Assistants Day (Healthcare)

  • 24th United Nations Day (General)

  • 24th National Food Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 25th Dentist’s Day (Healthcare)

  • 27th National Mentoring Day (HR)

  • 28th National First Responders Day (General)

  • 31st Halloween (General)

  • 31st National Savings Day (Finance)

November 2024 

Native American Heritage Month (General)

American Diabetes Month (Healthcare)

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month (Healthcare)

  • 1st World Vegan Day

  • 3rd Daylight Savings Time Ends (General)

  • 6th National Nachos Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 7th National Men Make Dinner Day (Food/Grocery)

  • 10th International Accounting Day (Finance)

  • 11th Veterans Day (General)

  • 13th World Kindness Day (General)

  • 15th National Philanthropy Day (General)

  • 16th International Day of Tolerance (General)

  • 25th National Entrepreneur Day (Retail)

  • 26th National Cake Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 28th Thanksgiving (General)

  • 29th Black Friday (General)

  • 30th Small Business Saturday (General/Retail)

December 2024

  • 2nd Cyber Monday (Retail)

  • 3rd Giving Tuesday (General)

  • 3rd International Day of Persons with Disabilities (General/Healthcare)

  • 4th National Cookie Day (Food/Restaurant/Grocery)

  • 5th International Volunteer Day (General)

  • 10th Human Rights Day (General)

  • 20th National Ugly Sweater Day (Retail)

  • 21st Winter Solstice — Start of Winter — (General)

  • 23rd Festivus (General)

  • 24th Christmas Eve (General)

  • 25th Christmas (General)

  • 25th-Jan 2nd, 2025 Hanukkah (General)

  • 26th-Jan 1, 2025 Kwanzaa (General)

  • 31st No Interruptions Day (General)

  • 31st New Year’s Eve (General)

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