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Social Media Marketing: 3 Trends Impacting the Industry Today

Published on Nov 8, 2023

Social Media Marketing: 3 Trends Impacting the Industry Today
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As concerns regarding data privacy, misinformation, and the negative impacts of social media on mental health run rampant, leaders in the space are being spurred to improve user experience, regulate content, and strengthen data privacy.

Refine your content marketing strategy with a look at the most critical trends dominating social media based on first-party engagement data from over 172,000 Social Media Today readers. Read on for the latest trends impacting social media in 2023 like the introduction of new social channels, generative AI, regulatory threats, and constant algorithm updates

Optimizing, Refining, and Pushing Creative Boundaries

In an industry that’s highly saturated and highly competitive, social media leaders are constantly experimenting to refine their strategy, operations, and processes to gain any edge over their competitors. From optimal posting times, to the latest content trends, to competitor analysis, to hyper-personalization and targeting, executives are glued to the latest resources and data to dial in their strategy. 

With the understanding that creativity is paramount to standing out, leaders are looking for inventive ways to push the envelope to convey their brand’s mission and unique voice while remaining contemporary and on-trend.

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Keeping Up With the Almighty Algorithms

One of the most critical elements of success for social media growth and continual engagement is an in-depth understanding of the algorithm. Yet, with algorithms across platforms seemingly shifting by the minute, keeping up becomes a daily pursuit for leaders.

The rise of TikTok ushered in a renaissance for short-form video, with algorithms across platforms following suit by prioritizing this format. Competitors are attempting to mimic TikTok’s success by pushing features like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. But backlash from users has platforms like Instagram backpedaling to strike more of a balance between pictures from a user’s actual friends and family and the new wave of influencer-led entertainment.

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Ethics, Regulations, and New Developments

As mental health concerns and data privacy issues continue to pick up steam, leaders must find ways to mitigate negative impacts and comply with the latest regulations to protect their users.

The rise of generative AI like ChatGPT has many leaders chomping at the bit to adopt this new tech and bring additional efficiency to the content creation process. As leaders scramble to find spaces to connect with consumers that aren’t completely over-saturated, in-message ads have gained traction and could become more widely adopted in the coming months.

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