How Marketers Can Take Advantage of an Economic Downturn
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How Marketers Can Take Advantage of an Economic Downturn


Speaker 1

Robert Rose Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

Speaker 2

Jane Qin Medeiros EVP, studioID by Industry Dive

Speaker 3

Lauren Smith Editor-in-Chief, springboard by studioID


Duration: 45 Minutes

With the right plan of attack in place, an economic downturn doesn’t have to spell disaster.

Join our panel of experts as they provide marketing leaders with pointed case studies, methods, and models for achieving more focused marketing results in times of economic turmoil.

In this webinar, marketing leaders will uncover:

  • The actions leading brands are taking to come out on top and what we’re hearing from thousands of marketers about the year ahead
  • The opportunities a down economy presents, and how to capitalize on them
  • The practices you need to start, stop, and continue, now — at the executive, director, and practitioner level
  • How to reveal the gaps in your buyer journey, refocus goals, and drive maximum ROI

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