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3 Universal Themes Facing Today’s Industries

As the death of the third-party cookie looms, many of the data sources marketers rely on to understand who their audience is and what they care about will all but vanish. And while it might seem rather cataclysmic, there’s no reason to hit the panic button. First-party data will swoop in to save the day. 

In our endeavor to share insights from our own first-party data with you, we assessed engagement trends across 22 of our leading publications to bring you niche-specific Audience Snapshots 2022 — which feature the issues, articles, approaches, keywords, and formats your audience engages with the most. 

And as we combed through insights across the industries, a few universal themes bubbled to the surface. So, what is everyone — regardless of sector or specialization — up against this year?

Digital Decision-Making


Across nearly every industry, the events of the last few years have pushed digital transformation into overdrive.

  • In fact, a PwC survey reveals 60% of executives say digital transformation is their most critical growth driver in 2022.
  • However, according to ITPro, a third of those tasked with making and implementing critical digital transformation decisions are suffering from unsustainable stress, and an additional 21% have experienced burnout.


From better tools for analyzing data to optimized customer experiences, executives everywhere are recognizing that the right technology has the power to reshape industries. But digital transformation has become such a buzzword that many businesses are moving at breakneck speed in the name of keeping pace — and it’s taking a toll on their (and their team’s) wellbeing.


Help lessen the transformation fatigue by encouraging your audience to prioritize intentionality over speed. Consider tailored solution breakdowns, pros and cons, and success + cautionary stories that will allow them to take the right route to transformation for their particular business and its future.

Resilient Resourcing


The pandemic has tested global infrastructure like never before.


The past two years have redefined what it means for a business to be resilient, and executives have been shown the underpinnings of their businesses hang in a more delicate balance than they ever could have imagined.

Decision makers are recognizing resiliency isn’t just about the environment, operations, or people — it’s about understanding the interplay between every aspect of the business, and ensuring all of it is built to withstand uncertainty.


Provide your audience with content that allows them to get a handle on their specific threat landscape, stay ahead of the twists and turns to come, and protect precious resources in the process. The shockwaves are rolling in from all sides, and decision makers need your help to find a sense of stability across every facet of their business.

Navigating a Remote World


As more aspects of our daily realities are lived out online following the impacts of the pandemic, the digital realm has become even more far-reaching.


For businesses, these new frontiers represent uncharted territory, which can be both thrilling and anxiety-provoking. As decision makers venture into the unknown to build these environments out for themselves, they’re encountering a slew of new risks and challenges.


Help business leaders navigate the growing pains of adjusting to the way we work and live digitally today. Provide them with information that will allow them to find their footing in up-and-coming spaces like the creator economythe metaverse, and web 3.0. And as you do, be sure to place emphasis on risk mitigation and ways to overcome the hurdles in service continuity, engagement, data protection, and infrastructure they’ll face along the way.


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