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New Study Looks at Most Effective LinkedIn Post Types in 2024

Published on Apr 16, 2024

New Study Looks at Most Effective LinkedIn Post Types in 2024
Social Media Today
Social Media Today

What’s working on LinkedIn in 2024?

The team from Socialinsider has published its latest study into LinkedIn posting best practices, based on analysis of SocialInsider users that post to the professional social network.

And it could help you map out a better approach to LinkedIn.

First off, the data shows that multi-image posts generate the most engagement, on average, in the app.


Multi-image posts were carousel posts till December last year, when LinkedIn eliminated native carousels as an organic posting option. You can still replicate them, by posting a PDF with each page displaying a different image, but you can’t actually post carousels anymore, so multi-image posts, based on this data, is the best alternative, followed by document posts, images, and video.

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Note, too, the relatively poor performance of link posts, which, for many brands and publishers, is the preferred posting option. Social platforms don’t want their users clicking away to other sites, they want to keep them in-app for as long as they can, so link posts don’t tend to do as well as they once did.

Some have tried to get around this by posting the link in the first comment, which is a practice that many high profile pages adhere to. That suggests that they are finding it effective, but I’m yet to see any definitive data that clearly indicates this is the best approach.

It could be worth experimenting with, either way.

The study also shows that video posts generate the most shares in the app.


The chart and legend here are a little confusing, but you can see, based on the colors, that video posts generate the most shares on average.

That could be important for those seeking to boost brand awareness, and with LinkedIn also looking to put more emphasis on video, there may also be more opportunities coming for video marketers in the app.

Though it is also worth noting that competition is increasing as well.

Overall, LinkedIn engagement is rising, but brands are also posting to the platform more often than they used to.

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As you can see in this chart, brands are posting to LinkedIn 10% more than they did last year, which is likely in response to more brand engagement shifting away from X (formerly Twitter), and businesses seeking alternative avenues for connection.

So while LinkedIn is driving more engagement, brands are definitely taking notice. On the plus side, LinkedIn also recently outlined its plans to refine its algorithms around niche, valuable content that helps members grow their knowledge in their specific areas of interest.

So even with competition increasing, good content should still reach the right audience in the app, all working as it should.

These are some good notes, which could help you formulate a more effective LinkedIn strategy. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all, perfect approach for every brand, using these pointers as a guide could help you find the right cadence for your updates.

You can check out the full SocialInsider LinkedIn Benchmarks 2024 study here.

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This article was written by Andrew Hutchinson from Social Media Today and was legally licensed through the DiveMarketplace by Industry Dive. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected].