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3 Trends Driving the Marketing Industry in 2023: A Content Marketer’s Guide

Published on Aug 1, 2023

3 Trends Driving the Marketing Industry in 2023: A Content Marketer’s Guide
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Between the furor surrounding generative AI, crumbling cookies and mounting privacy concerns, and the rallying cry for today’s brands to be socially responsible, transformation is defining the marketing landscape in 2023. Refine your content marketing strategy with a look at the most critical trends dominating the marketing industry based on first-party engagement data from over 222,400 Marketing Dive readers.

Read on for the latest trends driving the marketing industry in 2023 as marketers look to reinvent data collection and personalization strategies, and promote a brighter, more inclusive future. 

All Things AI

To say that the arrival of generative AI is rattling the marketing landscape would be an understatement. Today’s marketing leaders are glued to how generative AI is revolutionizing their ability to craft copy, produce designs, scale campaigns, create more personalized experiences, automate, and beyond — with more brands by the minute hitting the market with their AI-led campaigns.

But all this revolution doesn’t come without its fair share of issues. ChatGPT has sparked big-picture concerns around AI like misinformation, biases, copyright, and data misuse, with Italy being the first Western country to ban ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. The mood is marked by eagerness and trepidation all at once, as marketing leaders everywhere experiment with AI to see just what this next wave of tech can do.

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A Brave New World

In 2023, consumers are demanding more social responsibility from brands than ever before. Spurred on by Gen Z’s emphasis on social activism, gone are the days where brands could get away with staying silent. Instead, today’s marketing leaders are being called upon to create brands that are inclusive, ethical, and sustainable.

In the realm of inclusivity, campaigns everywhere are emphasizing diversity, body positivity, and tackling long-standing issues of racism, sexism, and LGBTQ+-phobia. But not every consumer is ready for a brave new world, leaving many of today’s marketing leaders to make a choice: take a stand and risk alienating certain cohorts, or stay silent and risk losing younger generations for good.

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Privacy & Personalization

In the wake of enhanced privacy regulations, the slow fizzle of the third-party cookie has sent modern marketing for a tailspin. Because cookies have been historically relied upon for tracking, re-targeting, and personalization efforts, today’s marketers must get creative with capturing first- and zero-party data to achieve similar results.

Strategies like surveys, subscriptions, incentives, and interactive tools/calculators are all being implemented to gather data with consent. Coupled with the latest advancements in marketing automation technology and AI, marketing leaders are fast-adapting to deliver hyper-personalized experiences while remaining in compliance.